Soothing Toning Warming Cream

  • Price with Vat:268 Kč

Soothing, toning, warming cream with organic olive extract, organic aloe, eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary and capsicum extracts, mint, camphor, arnica tincture and lavender. Very effective in the relief of muscular and joint aches, or neck and back pains. As a warming cream, it is also used against the muscular spasms a bad cold can cause. Ideal for bruises, sore muscles and joints. Leaves no greasiness. Ideal also for athletes and sports warming-up. USE: Apply 3-4 times a day to the affected area.

Type of product:Péče o tělo
ForPro ženy, Pro muže
Skin typeMastná pleť, Suchá pleť, Normální pleť
AvailabilityIn stock
Producer OlivAloe

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